• Arrested for OWI in Iowa?

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    Being charged and convicted of OWI is serious. At IowaDrunkDriving.com, it takes all of five minutes to to learn all about the charge and what you can do to lesson the impact of a conviction.

    Try our FREE OWI Consequences Program at OWIbuster.com. Click Here to use the program. When you use the OWIbuster.com program, it will send you a detailed report about your charge. From punishment to recommendations and discounts.

Ignition Interlock

Obtain an ignition interlock device from Intoxalock and get your temporary restricted driver's license. Save $625 on your fines by showing proof that you obtained a TRL. Discount coupon available here.

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SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance is "high risk insurance" required by Iowa law. Special Drivers Agency will quote you the best rates on SR22 insurance. Call them at 1-800-642-0058 and mention us!

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Substance Evaluation

When you appear in court on your charge, you will be told you must have a substance abuse evaluation done. In some jurisdictions, if you fail to get it done, you will go to jail and it will be done with you in custody.

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Use the free consequences program at OWIbuster.com to obtain a complete report of what you are facing with your OWI charge. Simply answer a few questions and receive an instant email of the details.

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